Why Create a Forecasting Tool?

California supplies over 80% of the global almond demand. Each year, variations in environmental impacts and water supply can have pronounced effects on potential yields, total supply and price. This tool integrates highly accurate mapping results that include acreage, location and age of orchards, with yield adjustments for potential environmental and water supply impacts.

How Was the Tool Developed?

Land IQ integrates four components to forecast yield:

  • Orchard Acreage
  • Orchard Location
  • Orchard Age
  • Orchard Yield

Combining these input variables with adjustments for environmental and water impacts improves the accuracy of the tool. Click here for user instructions and a detailed account of how the tool was built and calibrated.

How Were the Foundational Data Created?

Almond Age Mapping in 2018
Almond Acreage Mapping in 2018

Using remote sensing and extensive ground truthing to accurately map individual almond orchards.

Land IQ has developed a highly accurate method of mapping individual almond orchards in California using remote sensing analytics, extensive ground truthing and agronomic expertise.

This spatial database includes every individual almond orchard (2.0 acres or greater), as well as it’s acreage, location, and age. Results are summarized by county, region or statewide. These data, along with modified University of California yield estimates, create the foundation of the Almond Yield Forecasting Tool.

How Accurate Is It?

The fundamental pieces of any permanent crop yield estimate are the acreage, location and age of a crop. Land IQ has mapped almond acreage with an accuracy of nearly 99% and age (+/- 1 year) within 95%. As a result, the Almond Yield Forecasting Tool is a highly reliable predictor of current and future yields.

About Us

Land IQ is a specialized agricultural science and remote sensing firm. We pair knowledge of agronomic and land system expertise with advanced remote sensing technologies. Our custom modeling and analytical methods provide powerful and cost-effective client solutions.


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